Mama Bear, Worker Bee is a blog dedicated to the wonderful but complicated plight of working moms – women who are still striving every day for the ideal of “having it all”: a happy home life, a fulfilling career, and a little bit of sanity left over for themselves at the end of the day

A new mom, a professed workaholic, and the endless search for balance…


Victoria is a nurse, a proud Filipino American native of California, a writer, a wife since 2008, and mother since 2017. She has written and self-published two novels – Sampaguita Roots (2013) and Portraits of a Massacre (2014), and has had a passion for crocheting since her grandmother taught her at the age of 5. A self-professed old lady at heart, having a baby and becoming a mother has taught her to love adventure in her own way.

IMG_4622She completed her masters degree at University of California, Davis and worked full-time while pregnant with her son, and is now on the crazy journey of working mommyhood. She started Mama Bear, Worker Bee in August of 2017 and somehow manages to scrounge up free time to blog once in a while. She may or may not be in possession of a Time Turner.